Pericle Fazzini "Il Fucilato"

Pericle Fazzini

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The works by the artist of the Resurrection in the Nervi Hall in the Vatican, can be seen once again in Rome on the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of Italy. The sculpture ofPericle Fazzini Il Fucilato will be exhibited at Galleria Russo, located in the heart of Rome. The same city that was the backdrop for the creation of the bronze statues. The wife of the artist, Anita Buy, reminisces “the statues were born out of the necessity to stay locked inside the house at the time of the German raids, during the last period of the war. As she recalls, “on the streets and in the squares, they phoned to warn us ‘there is trouble in Piazza del Popolo’ and that we should stay away from Piazza del Popolo and return home.”  The works of Fazzini can be seen once again in the area of the Roman Trident, on via Alberti 20, home to the historic Roman Gallery, during the weekend before April 25, which is the anniversary of the liberation of Italy.