Amerigo Bartoli Natinguerra


Born in Terni in 1890, he moves to Rome at a young age and begins to study with Duilio Cambellotti and attends the Free Course of painting of Aristide Sartorio. In 1995 he is present at the III Mostra della Secessione in Rome and in 1921 he exhibits at the I Biennale in the same city. In the twenties he joins the group of "Valori Plastici," with works of an extreme compositional simplicity. He utilizes warm colours, which can be seen in his work titled "Gli amici al Caffè," awarded at the Venice Biennial in 1930. Some years later, Margherita Sarfati presents his works at the show Dieci artisti del Novecento Italiano. In 1931 the Ist Quadriennale exhibits his first solo show and after exhibiting at the Biennale of 1950, he begins a series of International exhibitions. He was a talented artist of landscapes and portraits and also worked as a sculptor. From 1938 to 1960 he taught at the Fine Arts Academy of Rome. He died in Rome in 1971.