Achille Perilli


Achille Perilli was born in 1927 in Rome. He designs and paints going together with Dorazio, the studio of the painter Aldo Bandinelli. During his adolescence he discovers new artists by going to museums, learns the art of the XX century through the wrintings of heroine Margherita Sarfatti. In 1946 he mets with Renato Guttuso, attends the studio and comes into contact with Accardi, Attardi, Consagra, Sanfilippo and Turcat, forming the group “Forma 1”, their main aim was to have an unique art made of "pure form". The “Forma 1” group resumes the term “aniconic art” from the Greek ikona, image, preceded by a negative preposition, which expresses a non-figurative expressive form, not referable to any known image, without any reference to real forms.