Giorgio Tentolini


Giorgio Tentolini was born in Casalmaggiore (Cremona) in 1978. He studied Graphic Arts at the Art Institute Toschi in Parma, and graduated in Design and Communication from the Università del Progetto in Reggio Emilia. After internships with artists like Marco Nereo Rotelli, he began a personal research with photographic installations, obtaining significant art prizes. Each of his works stems from a specific research on Time as memory and identity, in a careful and slow reconstruction that takes place with the study of light and the etching of layers of different materials such as fabric, paper, PVC. Tulle and masking tape are the current medium of his research for the meditative levity that they put into the image, a metaphor of places and memories, dreams and visions. A pictorial work which crosses the frontier of reality of sculpture. He won the Price Nocivelli in 2012, and the Price Rigamonti in the section Visual Art, organized by Foundation San Fedele of Milan, also he won the First Price of Paratissima Torino 2015 and the Special Price Arteam Cup 2016, Tentolini showed in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, in the Principality of Monaco, he exhibited at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, at MAR. Art Museum the City of Ravenna, at the Nation Museum of car in Turin. He participates in several international festival of contemporary art such as Arte Fiera Bologna, Art Athina e Art Vilnius. SInce 2014 one of his art work is part oft he permanent collection of MAR in Ravenna. Tentolini lives and works in Casalmaggiore, Reggio Emilia and Milan.