Carlo Erba


Born in 1884 in Milan, Erba inherited the pharmaceutical compnay C. Erba, but decided to dedicate his future to art. He paints his first oil work at the age of twenty, and at the same time attends the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Genoa. However, his contact with the anarchist groups of Milan will push him to leave the University. In 1907 he returns to Milan, and in 1908 he attends the Scuola Libera de Nudo, annexed to the Brera Academy. He becomes friends with Carrà and other artists. Because his father disagrees with his career choices, he ends his allowance. Erba would therefore work on mural decorations to have his own source of income. In 1914 he is among the founders of the Nuove Tendenze group, together with Giulio Ulisse Arata, Leonardo Dudreville, Achille Funi and Giovanni Possamai, and participates in various manifestations together with other Futurist members. Furthermore he joins the Battaglione Lombardo Volontari Ciclisti Automobilisti, together with his Futurist friends Marinetti, Boccioni, Funi, Sant’Elia, Russolo, Piatti, Sironi, the critic Mario Buggelli, and the journalist Renzo Codara from the Corriere della Sera. He dies in 1917, touched by a grenade. His body was never found.