Gerardo Dottori


Born in Perugia in 1884, he attends the Fine Arts Academy Pietro Vannucci. While studying, he worked with the antiquarian and restorer, Mariano Rocchi. He would graduate in 1906 and move to Milan, where he shows an interest for divisionism. Back in Umbria he discovers painting en plain air and makes his important work Explosione di rosso sul verde (dated 1910 but of 1913). In 1914 he is among the organizers of the Futurist Evening at the Politeama Turreno in Perugia, attended by Filipppo Tommaso Marinetti.  In 1924 he exhibits at the Biennale of Venice; between 1926 and 1939 he is in Rome where he works as a journalist. In 1932 he participates in the Biennale of Venice with his work Anno X, which is awarded with the Prize of the Ministero delle Corporazione. He dies in Perugia in 1977.