Piero Gilardi


Born in Turin in 1942, he holds his first solo exhibition in 1963: Macchine per il futuro. Two years later, he makes his first works with expanded polyurethane, and exhibits in Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and New York.  From 1968 he stops his production of works in order to participate in the technical elaboration of the new artistic tendencies of the end of the Sixties: Arte Povera, Land Art, Antiform Art. In 1969 he begins his long experience of the theoretic analysis of the conjunction between Art and Life (Arte Vita). He organizes experiences of collective creativity in the urban and world peripheries: Nicaragua, Indian reserves in the USA and in Africa. In 1981 he returns to the artistic world and exhibits installations with creative workshops with the public. From 1985 he starts an artistic research with new technologies, through the elaboration of the IXIANA project, a technological park in which the public can experiment, in an artistic way, the new digital technologies. In the last years he developed interactive multimedia installations, with an intense international activity. Together with Claude Faure and Piotr Kowalsk, he creates the international association Ars Technica. In Turin he promotes the international exhibitions Arslab. Metodi ed Emozioni (1992), Arslab. I Sensi del Virtuale (1995), Arslab. I labirinti del corpo in gioco (1999), and many congresses about the study on the art of new media. He published two books: Dall’arte alla vita, dalla vita all’arte (La Salamandra, Milan, 1981) and Not for Sale (Mazzotta, Milano 2000 e Les Presses du réel, Dijon 2003). He writes articles for magazines such as Juliet and Flash Art. He is currently promoting the project Parco d'Arte Vivente. He lives and works in Turin.