Disegno Italiano del Novecento

Disegno Italiano del Novecento



Via Alibert 20
00187 Roma (RM)


In a chronological path the exhibition unfolds a succession of papers that retrace the century through its major exponents: a splendid portrait of Boccioni dated 1916, examples of Balla’s works that move between dynamism and studies on color, the classicism of a portrait of de Chirico,  structured compositions of Sironi,  crepuscular images of Cambellotti,  surreal visions of Savinio. And again Dottori, with his aerial studies, Casorati, Carrà, Severini, Morandi, Rosai, three elegant papers by Modigliani, and to continue along the century through the experience of the Roman School we can mention Scipione and Mafai up to the names of Pirandello, Afro, Licini, Capogrossi and Guttuso and finally reach Schifano, Cucchi, Dorazio and Paladino that accompany the visitor in the fullest of the most contemporary experiences.