Impression de boulevard (Woman of the veil)

Impression de boulevard (Woman of the veil): Medardo Rosso

Medardo Rosso

1928 [1895]


Height: 74 (cm.)



Margherita Sarfatti Collection

Mino Borghi, Medardo Rosso, Edizioni del Milione, Milan 1950, p. 67
Marco Fagioli, Medardo Rosso, Opuslibri 1993, p. 98

The sculpture represents a young lady with a hat and veil seen briefly by the artist during an evening on the boulevard in Paris. “In this sculpture the artist achieves his artistic goal. Light encircles the piece tenderly, the forms seem blurred and invaded by vibrant shades and one has the feeling of being in front of a fantastic vision, a shade which will soon disappear. But fairly, as stated by Papini, they are the ghosts of the living and not the dead, they are the figures that are born and don’t die, they are the entering in life” (Gioconda Carlone Mongelli, cit.) 

Margherita Sarfatti was a highly educated and intellectual woman who became an absolute important reference point to Italian Art from 1920 to 1940. She was the founder of the movement Novecento and of the concept of recovering Romanism. Various artists addressed to Sarfatti for economical and critical support. She died in 1961, leaving behind a powerful collection of which part of it is today exhibited at the Guggenheim of Venice. She is considered to be one as the most important women in the Art field of the 20th Century.